2017 June 20, 2017

The Centennials are Coming!

We have been talking about Millenials for a while now, and next up are the Centennials. The Centennials were born from 1997 to present, and they have grown up a little differently living through two large recessions. They have a different world view as a result of the time they came of age; valuing experiences over things, having constraints growing up, and growing up learning that hard work and grit are important.


Depending on how things shake out, this generation could potentially outperform Millenials in the workplace and likely will have a more entrepreneurial bent. They have grown up with facebook and YouTube, and understand there are more ways to make it in this world on their own. Look out world!


Owen Halliday is a REALTOR who manages the Sereno Group Real Estate office in downtown Los Altos.  If you have a subject you’d like addressed in a future column, Owen can be reached at owen@serenogroup.com or 650-492-0062.